How to order with Travel M Couriers

Please watch this video guide before placing your order with Travel M Couriers & follow the instructions.

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Step 1. Get a quote for your delivery

Delivery Addresses

Collection Address
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Required: Collection Address
Destination Address
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Required: Destination Address
Required / Invalid Collection Date
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Weight (kg) Required / Invalid Weight

Address Locations

Deliver from collection to destination and then return to the collection address

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Step 2. After receiving a quote & booking fill in the form below to pay for your delivery

Payment Reference: delivery

Amount to pay: quoted amount after booking confirmation


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Discover more about our nationwide service.
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Travel M Couriers is fast growing company which offers a same day delivery service. We offer several defined time based slots from 1-5 hours either by motorbike, car or van. Our team work together to expedite the pick up and delivery process, resulting in a faster service and a higher courier productivity. Also we have a modern app that you can download via ios & android which will provide dispatch, billing, online scheduling and tracking called TravelMCouriers(TMC). We are reliable an have excellent customer service and will make sure we deliver your items with utmost care. Your Products Are In Safe Hands!

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